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A Comparison of 3D Display Techniques

Both IMAX and REALD glasses use a set of polarized lenses to view stereoscopic movies at the Theatre. Polarized glasses benefit from the fact that each eye receives a full color image and this removes the problems caused by color ghosting. Linearly polarized systems usually require two aligned projectors that have their filters set at […]

You’re Going to Need Them for A While Yet!

Modern day alchemists seem to include most of the major display manufacturers who all seem to have had an attempt at creating a 3D display that won’t require you to wear 3D glasses. To date they have all tried and, alas, all failed with no base-metal-to-gold scenario in sight. Despite experimenting with different screen technologies, […]

3D Movie Changes Man’s Vision

Imagine not being able to see the world in 3-D until you went to see a 3-D movie. That is exactly what happened to Bruce Bridgeman of Santa Cruz, CA. Bridgeman says that he has struggled with depth perception his entire life. Nothing seemed to pop out to him and he would have to move […]